Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Epic & Illustrated Guide to Our Portlandia Quest

Over one year ago we started our quest to get The Pedal Powered Talk Show onto an episode of Portlandia. Despite the lack of any official word from Portlandia, we haven't given up. It's been an emotionally confusing and frustrating year. To to make it simpler to understand, we've created a recap of our entire Portlandia quest complete with illustrations by the illustrious Brooke Barker.

It all started on September 18th 2013, when we published an open letter to Portlandia right here on our blog. Apparently, Portlandia never saw our letter despite our frequent tweets, facebook posts and videos. So a few months later we printed out a giant version of it and had all our friends sign it at our 3rd season launch party.

When we interviewed frequent Portlandia guest star, Ed Begley Jr., he heartily agreed with our demands to Portlandia and said that he would let Fred and Carrie know his feelings on the matter.

We even took our giant letter on KGW's Live@7 and had host Stephanie Stricklen sign it live on the show. Steph was nothing but encouraging of the cause and even suggested taking some extreme measure.

After the entire piece of foam core was covered in signatures, I sneakily found the address of the Portlandia production office and personally delivered it. Though confused, the Portlandia staff people in the office accepted the letter and allowed me to take a photo as I handed it off to a crew member named Moses. Despite our many attempts to get their attention, this seemed to be the first they had ever heard of our plight.

Though they didn't respond with any official comment, I did hear from a few sources that confirmed that they had kept the giant petition around the Portlandia production office. It still felt like they could use another reminder and a nudge so I took the photo of the petition hand-off and had it framed.

I then took the framed letter and biked to the Portlandia production offices once again. This time the office staff were racing around preparing to pack up for the day and they were not as willing to pose for a photograph of this most recent "hand-off." A staff worker who introduced herself as Natalie did accept the framed photograph.

And then... nothing. So rather than making another delivery to the office, I decided I'd try a new tactic. I signed up online to be an extra on the show. A few weeks later I received an email from Cam, the extras coordinator, with an invitation to participate in a day-long shoot. I quickly agreed and a few mornings later I showed up in SE Portland with a bagful of clothing options. When Cam checked me in, he looked me over once and asked, "Aren't you the Pedal Powered Talk Show guy?"

"Yes," I answered eagerly waiting for him to make all my pedal powered dreams come true.

"Yeah, I saw that big letter you wrote. It's still up in the office." But that was it. He didn't have the authority to invite the Pedal Powered Talk Show to be on a future episode. And he didn't have any recommendations on who to talk to either. Instead, he handed me a cold veggie burger and directed me to stand a few feet from Fred and Carrie as they started filming the next scene.

During a break in shooting, I was finally able to greet Fred and Carrie but just as I was about to bring up the Pedal Powered Talk Show they took away my veggie burger and repositioned me to the "deeper background." They probably could sense I had something on my mind.

And that's where it stands now. Portlandia's shooting their fifth season for a couple more weeks before they wrap for the year and now they definitely know about us. But they've chosen to do nothing. And all we can do is publish a blog post with adorable illustrations in hopes that it might lead to an increasingly unlikely happy ending. So if you feel compelled to do something, please do. Share this with your friends, tweet your influencers and tell Fred or Carrie about our quest if you happen to be standing in line with them at Fred Meyer. This is in your hands and the time to act is now.

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Season Four is Now Filming!

Just a few short weeks after we concluded our 3rd season, we've started filming our 4th season. This past weekend we headed down to Southern Oregon and we shot the first five episodes of season four in under 48 hours. It was a whirlwind weekend complete with cheetahs, tiny trains and white water rapids!

We won't be premiering those episodes until early 2015, but I can offer you a sneak peek in the form of this news story produced by Kassi Nelson, our new(s) pal at KOBI 5 News in Medford, OR:

Stay tuned for more photos/videos coming soon!

And thanks to all the folks in Southern Oregon who made this trip possible including Brad Niva, Bob Russell, Bruce Kelly, Dan Marca and Tammi Ellison.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Remember That Time We Were on OPB?

Thanks to everyone who tuned into OPB to watch us last week. We were honored to start off the hour of Oregon Lens! And thanks to all the people who sent us kind tweets/notes afterward!

Also, OPB published a nice interview with me on the blog that talks a bit about the origins of the show and some of our favorite moments. You can read that here.

And though this marks the end of our 3rd season, our quest to get on Portlandia is still going strong. Watch this blog for an update very soon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We're Heading to OPB for a Night!

You can watch The Pedal Powered Talk Show whenever you want right here on the internet but for one night you'll also be able to watch an episode on OPB! They're airing our interview with flute maker Roger McGee as part of their Oregon Lens series which features a bunch of great programing made by local media makers.

Our episode will be airing as part of the Oregon Lens episode that airs on Thursday, August 28th at 10PM (or 11PM for those of you watching on Southern Oregon Public Television). I think we'll be up first so make sure to tune in at 10PM sharp!

Thanks to Steve Amen, Nora Fisher-Campbell and all the kind folks at OPB for including us!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Engine of the Bike/Desk Talks!

Our own Phillip Ross, co-creator and engine of The Pedal Powered Talk Show, was interviewed on a recent episode of The New Disruptors podcast. Though Phil might not say a lot on our show, he's got a lot of interesting stuff to say about biking, starting a company and making our show.

You can listen by clicking here.

Go Phil!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

All Your Favorite Uneek Videos in One Place!

Over the past few weeks, we took a pedal-powered ride into a unique universe full of drag queens and roller skates and goats and bagpipes and lots of sequins. In case you missed any of them, I've posted them all below. Enjoy!

Abe Lincoln Portrayer Steve Holgate at Oaks Park Roller Skating Rink

Bugler/Bedazzler Alex Simon at the Vacuum Cleaner Museum

Riding along with The Ginger Ride

The Unipiper at The Belmont Goat Field

Darcelle at Ground Kontrol

Friday, August 8, 2014

This is The Most Uneek Interview in the World

The long wait is over. We've met some pretty incredible and unique individuals over the last few weeks and we've chatted with them in an array of strange locations but we're pretty sure this next interview trumps them all. There are jingles galore, many sequins, a marching band, three kinds of mammals and a man who looks a lot like a former US President. Yes, we've done it. We've produced The Most Uneek Interview in the World. Here it is:

We were pretty thrilled with how it all turned out and this last episode would not have been possible without the impressive Beat Goes on Marching Band, our illustrious guest Steve Holgate, Rojo the Llama and his friendly owners, talented opera singer Michelle Fernandez and Peach (aka Gary Talbot) for making that beautiful sequined suit! And, of course, thanks to Keen Footwear and all the folks over there who funded our quest and supported us along the way.

And thanks to everyone who came out to our live premiere last night! It was a blast even if Fred and Carrie never showed.