Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bugling and Bedazzling Across Portland

While searching for guests to interview on our quest for "The Most Uneek Interview in the World," I asked a lot of friends for suggestions. One name quickly rose to the top and that was Alex Simon. She plays the bugle, she bedazzles bikes, she surprises friends with epic chalk murals, she directs a summer camp for adults and that's just the beginning. So, naturally, I invited her to join me at Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Museum for this conversation:

You can follow Alex's varied and always fascinating adventures at @makegoodchoices on instagram. And it's hard to believe but, we've almost come to the end of our quest for "The Most Uneek Interview in the World." One week from today we'll be posting a teaser for the most Uneek interview of them all. And another week after that we'll be posting the interview that changes it all. Are you ready? I'm not sure if I am. This is going to get intense.

And thanks to Carly Feke for taking these awesome photos!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's Your Move, Portlandia

At our big 3rd season launch party in May, we invited all of you to come sign our giant letter to Portlandia. And you did. Somewhere around 400 Portlanders signed this huge piece of foam core:

The next step was delivering it to the folks who make Portlandia and that part proved a little trickier. After some sleuthing and asking lots of 'friends of friends,' we finally tracked down the Portlandia production offices right here in Portland. Then last week Phil, Todd and myself pedaled over and walked right in. A lone dude sat at a folding table near the entrance. He looked up, confused. I presented him with the letter and then told him how our humble quest began. As I explained their egregious error, a number of other production folks poked their heads out of their offices, intrigued. They smiled, mostly, and I think they were trying to figure out whether this was some sort of joke. No, it's no joke, I assured them. Then I asked the dude at the folding table if I could take a picture handing off the giant letter. He obliged:

So now we wait. And if someone reading this knows someone at Portlandia then please get in touch with them and encourage them to reach out. They've got my phone number. And a three foot tall piece of foam core with four hundred signatures.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Go Ginger Riding!

One of my good pals and co-workers Jessica co-created The Ginger Ride a few years back to unite all of Portland's red heads for an epic annual bike ride. Of course, non-gingers are allowed as long as they dress the part. It seemed like a natural fit on our quest for "The Most Uneek Interview in the World," so Phil and I bought a pair of wigs and joined this year's festivities:

There are a lot of 'firsts' in this episode. This is the first time we've filmed an entire video in-motion (we've done half of episodes in motion before), this is the first time we've filmed an episode primarily on Go-Pro and this is the first time we've ever done food preparation on the bike/desk while in motion (we did make a smoothie on the desk when it was stationary a few months back). And trust me, there are many more 'firsts' coming up on our quest for "The Most Uneek Interview in the World,"

Now let's take one more moment and really appreciate how awesome me and Phil look in red:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Behind the Scenes with the Unipiper

We had a lot of fun filming with Brian Kidd (aka The Unipiper) and a bunch of goats the other week and we had our pal, photographer Carly Feke, documenting it all!

The goats at the Belmont Goat Field are incredibly friendly. We thought our equipment and the bike/desk might freak them out but they wanted to stay VERY close to us throughout the filming.

After we wrapped up at the goat field, we pedaled down a few block to film the in-motion part of the interview. Our Pedal Powered Cinematographer, Patrick Neary got a lift from friend-of-the-show Michelle, who cycled Patrick and the camera around on her xtracycle.

The whole set up may have been a bit precarious but we do it all in the name of uneekness and we made it through injury-free. You've watched that episode already, right? If not, here it is:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Most Uneek KGW Appearance Ever!

Our pals over at KGW's Live@7 invited us on the show last night to chat about our most recent episodes and it was a pretty action-packed few minutes!

Not only did we appeal to our long-sought-after guest, Gonzo, we also proposed a sit-in to force the producers of Portlandia to include us on this next season. And we even had time for a special surprise guest:

You can watch the full segment here:

And if you haven't seen our episode featuring The Unipiper and lots of goats then you should click right here and remedy that immediately.

Thanks again to all the folks at Live@7! That was a blast!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flaming Bagpipes, Unicycles & Goats

Just when you thought we couldn't get more unique/uneek than playing classic arcade games with an 83-year-old drag queen, we're back with the second episode in our quest to produce The Most Uneek Interview in the World. In this episode, we met up with The Unipiper (aka Brian Kidd) who you may recognize from The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live or the streets of downtown Portland. Prepare yourself for fire, goats and some good ol' fashioned bagpipe music:

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And come back next week to follow our continued quest to produce The Most Uneek Interview in the World!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our Quest for Uneekness Starts with Darcelle

When Keen challenged us to produce The Most Uneek Interview in the World, I was excited to use this as an opportunity to chat with some of Portland's most iconic citizens in some of my favorite places. One of those iconic people is Darcelle (sometimes knows as Walter Cole), our city's beloved 83-year-old female impersonator who's still performing regularly at her namesake club.

We met up with Darcelle at Ground Kontrol, (an awesome classic arcade that doubles as a bar) to chat about wigs, mayonnaise and ninja turtles:

Make sure to vote at the end of the video so you can choose my outfit for The Most Uneek Interview in the World. Or if you're watching this on a mobile device, you can vote right here. Click on one of the following:

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And please, choose something comfortable.