Monday, August 10, 2015

Dear Mr. Former President

Last year we were all about getting on Portlandia but we're over that. Now we've set our sights on a new goal. It may be lofty. And it may require biking over 2,000 miles to Texas. But here it goes:

Are you neighbors with Former First Lady Barbara Bush? Is your mom a senator? Or maybe you know someone who knows someone who knows the Former President's cousin? If so, please help get this video to our dream guest. I'll buy you ice cream if you help!

Special thanks to Brooke Barker (of Sad Animal Facts) for illustrating me and President Bush!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Season 4's a Wrap!

Season Four of The Pedal Powered Talk Show has been one heckuva ride. From strapping the desk to a raft for a trip through some white water rapids to coming face to face with a live cheetah, we've met a lot of interesting folks and visited some amazing places. It's hard to sum up an entire season of episodes in a paragraph, but here's a list of statistics:

Scratches on the bike/desk left by live cheetahs: 3

People who saw our 4 billboards around town: 258,261

Rapid class that we took the bike/desk through while filming on the Rogue River: 2

Minutes that Bruce Campbell's people allotted us for an interview: 7

Number of tiny trains we rode: 1

Season 4 YouTube Views: 67,938

Number of people/dogs we fit on the bike: 4

People we crammed inside Alma Chocolate's cozy store on NE 28th for our interview with the Von Trapps: 15

You can relive some of the magic of the season in this teaser:

Stay tuned for season 5 coming soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pedaling to The Lion

Last week we pedaled into The Armory in NW Portland, crammed the bicycle into the elevator, took it to the basement and wheeledthe bike/desk into Portland Center Stage's Ellen Bye Studio. We were there to chat with Benjamin Scheuer, the writer and star of the acclaimed musical, The Lion. It's a one-man autobiographical show that delves into the death of Benjamin's father, a tough break-up and a difficult bout with cancer.  It's had successful runs in New York and London and now it's playing right here in Portland until June 14th. We chatted with Benjamin about rhymes, shrunken guitars and making old people cover their ears!

Benjamin's also made some awesome music videos for a few of the songs in the show. You can see my favorite one here for the title song, The Lion:

And if you can't see The Lion in Portland then head over to his website by clicking here and you can see a list of other places Benjamin will be performing the show in the next year. When you see him in Rochester or Milwaukee or Pittsburgh, make sure to tell him that we sent you!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Watch us on the Big Screen!

We're excited to be a part of this year's Filmed By Bike Festival next week! Not only will they be showing an episode of The Pedal Powered Talk Show as part of their World's Best Bike Movies Program B (Friday, May 22nd, 9PM at The Hollywood Theatre), but our cyclist-in-chief Phil Ross is also featured in their fun teaser video:

Buy your tickets here and remember to scream extra loud when our episode plays!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Recap of Southern Oregon

During season 4 we ventured into Southern Oregon to explore rivers, meet cheetahs and ride miniature trains. Now we've collected all our Southern Oregon adventures in one convenient location - this blog post.

Watch us raft through class two rapids right here:

Or watch a live cheetah jump on the bike here:

Watch me ride a teeny tiny train here:

Find out how Bob dealt with 300 pounds of mystery meat here:

Learn how chickens help make wine here:

Wasn't that fun? If you want to go back in time to last season and visit Eastern Oregon with us, click here!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wine and Chickens

During our trip to Southern Oregon we met up with Dan Marca at DANCIN Vineyards. Dan started the vineyard with his wife, Cindy, a few years back. In addition to making some amazing Pinots, Cindy's became renowned in the area for her unique and delicious pizzas. You can see me posing with some of those pizzas above. I chatted with Dan about growing grapes, raising chickens and birds with super powers:

You can learn more about DANCIN Vineyards by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The von Trapps on Kazoo!

Sometimes everything that's right in the world converges. Like when you're filming at an amazing chocolate shop and they keep presenting you with delicious treats and The von Trapps start harmonizing on kazoo and the sun comes out and then they bring out freshly baked chocolate cookies. This interview was one of those times. Sarah and Ruth at Alma Chocolate graciously invited our large crew, The von Trapps and a baby (also named Alma) to cram inside their cozy chocolate shop and take over for a weekend morning. This is what happened:

Now click on this sentence to buy The von Trapps new EP, Dancing in Gold! And this is what our bike/desk looked like after an hour of singing and kazooing and eating chocolate: