Friday, April 18, 2014

Party with us for Season 3!

Photo by Clay Nowak

Next week our long-awaited third season will finally start appearing on this very website! And the week after that we're going to party. More importantly, you're invited to party with us!

Keen Footwear (our pals who funded the construction of our very own bike/desk three years ago) are generously hosting our Third Season Launch Party at the Keen Garage in NW Portland. There will be prizes from Keen, music from All the Apparatus, a sneak peek at the coming season, free beer, free tea (from our other generous pals at Steven Smith Teamaker), free cake (while supplies last!), photo opps with the bike/desk and more!

Here are all the details:

WHAT: The Pedal Powered Talk Show 3rd Season Launch Party!!!

WHEN: Thursday, May 1st 2014, 6 - 9PM

WHERE: Keen Garage, 505 NW 13th (between Glisan and Hoyt)

WHY: Because our 3rd season is finally premiering and we're practically jumping out of our pants with excitement.

You can RSVP on facebook by clicking here or just show up! See ya then!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Week Away From Season 3!

That's right! We're a mere seven days away from the premiere of our third season. What can you expect this third season of the Pedal Powered Talk Show? Here's a 13 second sneak peek:

Aren't you super excited for this next season? I sure am.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Following in the Footsteps of Greatness

A few months back we pedaled to Eastern Oregon to film our third season and while the locals were excited to have us bring our crew to their neck of the woods, they were all quick to remind us of the first major Hollywood production to film in Eastern Oregon. That production was Paint Your Wagon, a 1969 movie musical starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin and a bunch of other folks as singing frontiersmen:

In fact, when we were in Baker City we even stayed at the same hotel as the movie's crew! Also, here's a clip of Clint Eastwood singing a song (wikipedia says it's really him singing) as he walks through some gorgeous Oregon scenery:

Want to see more beautiful footage of Eastern Oregon? All you have to do is wait till Thursday, April 24th when we start releasing our next season. Want more singing Clint Eastwood? Well, I can't help you there. Though I once made Clint Eastwood laugh in an elevator. Really! I'll tell you the story if you ask me in person.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Get Out There and See Oregon! We Did.

Earlier this month, Travel Oregon released their newest crop of TV commercials and it certainly served as a reminder of all the places in Oregon we have yet to go. How cool would it be to film here:

Although I'm proud to say that we have already filmed episodes at two of Oregon's Seven Wonders. Last year we filmed an interview with a crabber on the Oregon Coast:

And in our upcoming third season we visited the Wallowas and Eastern Oregon. Coincidentally, Alice Trindle of T&T Horsemanship is not only featured in Travel Oregon's awesome spot about the area, we also interview her in an upcoming episode:

Let's hope that this coming year includes a pedal to a few of the 5 Wonders of Oregon that we've still got to visit.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A History of Muppets and Bicycles

As a long-time Muppet fan (and an occasional Muppet myself), I was sure to see the latest Muppet movie on opening weekend. While I did enjoy much of the film, I came away wishing there had been more Muppets riding bicycles. As most everyone knows, the Muppets have a rich cycle-filled history and it was unfortunate to see them leave out my favorite mode of transportation in their latest cinematic offering. So I figured this was as good a time as any to revisit some of my favorite pedal-powered Muppet moments.

The Muppet Movie opens with Kermit in the swamp but after a chance encounter with an agent, he's off to Hollywood - on bike, naturally. Check out his impressive cycling form and that nearly-career-ending crash:

After Jim Henson and gang figured out how to put one Muppet on a bike, it seemed natural to put a whole gang of Muppets on bicycles and they took that opportunity in The Great Muppet Caper. This is undoubtedly the most impressive bicycle scene in any Muppet-related work. Check out those figure eights and quick cuts between hand puppets and animatronic figures:

They went back to basics in Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas in which Kermit introduces the special while riding on a simple two-wheeler. Again, this scene ends with a bike crash. Kermit is clearly not the most competent bicyclist:

In addition to Muppet movies and specials, there have also been some special bicycle-centric moments on Sesame Street. How about that time Don Music tried to write 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and experimented with some alternative lyrics? Fast forward to 3:45 to see the good (re: bicycle related) part:

Or what about the time Herry and Cookie Monster tried to share a bicycle in a way you wouldn't expect:

As you can see, the Muppets have an extensive bicycle-rich history and I hope they continue to embrace it in their future works.

Additionally, I'll take this opportunity to, once again, invite Gonzo the Great to be a guest on the Pedal Powered Talk Show. He's on the short list of dream guests so I'm keeping my fuzzy fingers crossed. If anyone knows Gonzo personally, please let him know we're waiting for him.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Forget Portlandia. We're Pedaling to CSI!

You've probably heard about our petition to the producers of Portlandia. And no, we still haven't heard from them. But we have heard from another show. I'm excited to announce that a month ago we were contacted by the brilliant minds behind CBS's hit show, CSI!

Ted Danson (right) plays D.B. Russell on the hit CBS television show CSI.
Apparently, much of the crew at CSI has been closely following our Portlandia petition and while watching some past episodes of The Pedal Powered Talk Show they were struck with an odd sense of familiarity. Anthony Zuiker, creator of CSI, explains, "We'd been looking to introduce a few members of D.B.'s family and while watching that episode where Boaz interviews a family of pig farmers, I was suddenly struck by the uncanny resemblance between Ted Danson and that bike desk."

Ted Danson plays Night Shift Supervisor D.B. Russell and our very own bike/desk has been cast to play D.B.'s incorrigible tough-loving uncle, Murray Russell. The bike/desk was pedaled down to their closed set in Los Angeles where it filmed the three episode arc in early March. Apparently, Uncle Maury accidentally gets involved in a mysterious triple homicide. We can't give anything away but you can expect that desk to be holding some illegal substances in the forthcoming episodes.

The bike/desk, in full makeup and costume, before filming a scene with Ted Danson.
The bike/desk spent three hours in make-up every morning to fully transform into Maury Russell but it seems like all the time was worth it as producers are already hinting at a return for DB's cantankerous uncle. Zuiker adds, "It was crazy because after that bike got into costume, no one could tell it apart from Ted (Danson). They've got the exact same laugh! The desk kept making the funniest jokes about Becker and Cheers. Ted might have been annoyed but the crew was loving it."

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Third Season Full of Firsts

Though this will be the third season of The Pedal Powered Talk Show, we're still breaking new ground in the world of internet talk shows that are built into cargo bikes. Sure, we've already talked to a Baldwin brother, filmed inside a shoe factory and talked to mayoral candidates but there's a bunch of stuff we've been waiting for our third season to do.

Though traditionally we've always parked the bike before conducting our interview, this episode we attempt our first ever in-motion interview with me riding in the desk while I chat with Alice on horseback:

Amazingly, it turned out pretty awesome! And that's just one of the firsts we'll start sharing with you when we start releasing episodes on Thursday, April 24th.

Other firsts for us this season include our first Native American flute solo, first canyon-side episode, first time riding the bike/desk in the snow and our first episode with our new theme song.

Will it also be the first season where we welcome Zooey Deschanel as a guest? Or the season that convinces the producers of Portlandia to invite us on their show? Only time will tell.