Monday, December 31, 2012

A Pedal Powered Year in Review

It's hard to believe it was just one year ago that we were getting ready to launch our very first episode of the show. We've pedaled a lot of miles in the past twelve months, talked to a lot of interesting folks and got some great media coverage. It's hard to pin down just a few favorite moments from 2012 but here are some of the accomplishments I'm most proud of:

- We released 13 episodes complete with 21 guests, 3 high-stakes drawing challenges and 2 musical performances and we didn't crash the bike once!

- We produced our first live show in front of a real audience at the Bagdad Theater (and The Oregonian recommended it on their 'Hot List').

- We collaborated with Feast PDX and Portland Monthly, producing a series of food related segments as we pedaled from vineyard to coast. We even got to film at a pig farm!

- Willamette Week featured us in their 'Best of Portland' issue, naming us Best Mobile Letterman (they also compared me to Ira Glass!).

- We interviewed both mayoral candidates leading up to the election and almost-mayor Charlie Hales promised us a follow-up within his first few months in office. He better keep that promise.

- Phil got the desk/bike up to 40 mph on a particularly smooth downhill grade. And he lived to talk about it.

Yes, I'm pleased as punch with all we accomplished this year. But there were also some dissapointments. A number of prospective guests snubbed us this year:

- Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein: I've been bugging their "people" for nearly 18 months; asking them politely to give us a few minutes of their time. They've said they're interested and that it's just a matter of timing but my patience is running out. That's why I'm abstaining from watching any of this third season of Portlandia until Fred & Carrie join me at the desk/bike.

- Matt Groening: I realize he's a busy guy and that he's based in Los Angeles but it would mean the world to me if he came on the show. His assistant says he "doesn't do talk shows" but I don't think they realize that we're not really a regular talk show.

- Zooey Deschanel: I won't say anymore about this. I've wasted enough breaths/blog posts on Zooey.

And before we bid this year farewell, there are a few people I need to thank: Phillip Ross (my co-conspirator in this project and the engine that powers the bike), Daniel Stark (my fellow producer and the man who captures all the pedal-powered pictures), David Munk & Keen Footwear (for supporting us, keeping our feet protected and much more), the gang at KGW's Live@7 including Steph, Ben and everyone else (for being so welcoming and saying so many nice things about us), Steven Smith & Kim DeMent at Smith Tea (for supporting the show and inviting us into their warehouse to film), Nutcase Helmets (for protecting our heads), Patrick Neary, Mike Ferry & Brett Eichenberger (for creating the look of the show and making it a fun shooting environment), Blakely Dadson (for being on set at some of our trickier shoots and providing helpful feedback along the way), NW Documentary (for providing camera equipment at an affordable rate), Talia Filipek (for holding a boom mic like no other), Randy Gragg (for inviting us to collaborate on Portland Monthly's Feast PDX event), all my pals in WK12 (who cheered me along every step of the way), and anyone else who watched, emailed us, tweeted messages of support, or thought vaguely pleasant thoughts about us at some point this year.

Thanks for everything and happy new year! Stay tuned for a post soon about some of our action-packed plans for 2013!

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