Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Tea Time: Episode 5 is Here!

A while back we pedaled into the Steven Smith Teamaker factory to chat with the man himself, Steven Smith. He's been in the tea business for years starting (and eventually selling) both Stash and Tazo before launching this latest venture. We chatted about all of his businesses, the challenges of arranging tea service in bed, as well as the feasibility of fitting a marshmallow inside a tea bag. Check it out:

You can check out some behind the scenes shots by Daniel Stark here.

Monday, January 30, 2012

PPTS on The Outspoken Cyclist

Last week I wan interviewed by Diane Lees from WJCU's The Outspoken Cyclist. We chatted about the construction of the bike, our plans for the future, and schemed about a possible trip to Cleveland. You can listen here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Blitzen Trapper @ Modcott Piano Co.

Photo by Daniel Stark Photography

As we waited for Phil and the bike to defeat the awesome (up)hill battle that is NoPo to SE, the rest of the PPTS crew decided to grab some grub, and lucky for us we found an awesome food cart called CHOWDA, just a stones throw from the Piano Fort! The man in the cart who made our food was amazing - juggling spoons and spatulas and bits of steak as he created a delicious meal for the hungry PPTS crew. Most of the manly-men got gi-normous Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, while Boaz and I ate* some soup. For me, chowder is sort of a “near the ocean” type of meal, served to you by the hook of Captain Graybeard, not really a parking lot thing, but I bet it’s very yummy. Upon reflection, none of us ordered chowder, so we will have to go back sometime.

Photo by Daniel Stark Photography

While the rest of the guys began with production setup, I took on the task of filling and preparing mugs of Steven Smith Tea, thinking the simple and therapeutic task might give me the opportunity to mentally prepare myself not to be horribly awkward when the band arrived.  You see, I am a pretty big fan of Blitzen Trapper, and in any other situation I would have summoned my alter-ego "Teenybopper Tali", but I needed to stay professional as I'm trying to impress Boaz so he will make me his co-host someday. American Goldwing has taken the role of my cookin' dinner tunes, and hasn't left my record player for a few months now.  Their sound is so timeless, real "down-home" music that it makes me want to find some woods and get lost in a good way. A good co-host doesn't giggle/blush/snort uncontrollably when she meets one of her idols, am I right? So, it was a good opportunity for me to be (cough, “act”) stoic, composed, and preoccupied. I'm sure that Daniel will have some photo evidence to prove I presented myself otherwise, but I'm willing to pretend I was successful until those emerge.

Photo by Daniel Stark Photography

Finally, Phil pedaled into the place, avoiding collision with beautiful half-made pianos, and the band guys arrived soon-after.  Phil was about to keel over so I gave him the rest of my Pepsi while Blitzen Trapper took their seats, and we began the interview.  All the members were very down-to-earth, funny, and good-souled.  It was very fun to listen to them tell of stories and experiences from the road. I admired their comfortableness with the conversation and the somewhat quirky situation (we went from Letterman to this dude and a bike?).

Photo by Daniel Stark Photography

The most amazing part of the interview: the band playing “Dead Flowers” by The Rolling Stones using children’s instruments and random knick-knacks.  You know someone is a true musician when they can create music out of anything. I was so stoked to see what would come of this episode, as the setting was unique and the interview ideas were colorful.

‘Till next time,

Talia Filipek

* I always feel so weird saying I "ate" soup.  But I didn't drink it?  Nor did I really "slurp" it.  It was a meal, I ate it.   

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blitzen Trapper Rocks the Piano Fort: Episode 4 is Here!

For our fourth episode we pedaled over to the Modcott Piano Company where we met up with Eric Earley, Brian Koch & Marty Marquis of Portland band Blitzen Trapper. We covered a range of topics from life on the road to possible name changes to mysterious members of the band. And they even played a song on ukelele and glockenspiel! Check it out:

Check out some behind the scenes photos here.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shout Out from PopCandy

One of my favorite bloggers, Whitney Matheson, of USA TODAY's PopCandy wrote a post about the show on Friday. You can check it out here. It was pretty exciting to read about myself in a blog I already read regularly! Thanks Whitney!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pedaling the Beast

A post from Phil Ross, co-creator of the show and the engine of PPTS:

When creating the Pedal Powered Talk Show bike one of the considerations was WHO was going to pilot the bike to and from locations. The very nature of the show has us on the move. Pedaling from one location to another with all of the gear; sometimes across town with very little time to spare, had the potential to be a real pain in the challenge for the rider.

Pedaling the distance isn’t really the issue. Thirty miles at a good clip on any bike is a snap for me. It’s the weight of the gear. The bike with all of the production gear is WELL over 160 lbs. Having experience pedaling loads on a cargo bike it made sense to pedal the bike myself. I knew that I was up to the challenge, or at least I hoped that I was.

My obsession with stats, combined with the need to get back into shape (after a bout of extreme slothfulness and a love for beer) I decided to track my distance and calorie burn and post the totals on the site for all to see.

So, what’s it like pedaling around a production studio? Not so bad, actually – thanks for asking. Keeping the spin up is key - momentum carries the day - it’s the stops and starts that are the enemy with a full load and a deadline. The most challenging day so far was the 30 miler. Starting out from the Metrofiets workshop in NE I pedaled over to NW to pick up a power cord and then back tracked to Swan Island and the Keen Footwear Shoe Factory. After about a two hour shoot I began the long climb up Going Street heading to Sellwood and our second shoot location. Half way up I realized that I had dropped my vest somewhere on the climb out and was forced to turn around; it was at the bottom of the hill, of course. Climbing up Going for a second time was a real bear but slow and steady won the day.

Winding through the neighborhoods, past OMSI I connected with the beautiful Springwater Corridor and a brutal headwind. I felt like I was CRAWLING along thanks in part to the headwind and the gentle incline near the end of the Oaks Bottom section of the trail. Then I met the second hill of the day from Oaks Bottom to 10th and stood up the entire way, quads screaming, but feeling like a million bucks.

My reward waiting for me in Sellwood:


After the second shoot I pedaled back to the Springwater and NW Portland, dropped off the power cord and headed back up the Hill to NE. On a whim (and to rack up a few miles) I decided to loop over to the N. Interstate New Seasons and then ride back to NE and the workshop. It was a challenging ride, for sure, but dinner and a beer taste better that way.

The stats: 142.1 miles ridden, 15,237 calories burned

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Episode 3 is Here!

I'm a big fan of OMSI After Dark, the science museum's once-a-month-adults-only late night event, so I was thrilled when they invited us to park the Pedal Powered Talk Show in the middle of the festivities a few weeks back. I sat down with my two of my favorite local comic artists, Emi Lenox and Natalie Nourigat, the artists behind two web-comics-turned-books that are coming out in February, (EmiTown 2 and Between Gears). We covered a lot of intriguing topics but my favorite part was probably when I challenged them to a drawing contest. Check it out:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sponsor Shout-Out: Keen Footwear

Lacing up a pair of Keens before the show.

I first met the folks at Keen Footwear way back in 2008 - they were actually the first organization to back The Un-Road Trip (my car-free cross-country journey). Without them I'm not sure that trip would have happened and we've stayed in touch since then. As soon as I mentioned The Pedal Powered Talk Show they asked how they could help and the next thing I knew they covered the construction of the bike! Not only are they extremely supportive and generous but they also happen to make my favorite shoes in the world. And in case you were curious, my current favorite Keens are my Timmons Slip-Ons.

This past week we were also able to film an episode inside their Portland factory - that's right, Keen is building some of their shoes right here in Portland. Watching the process in action was pretty amazing and it proved to be a pretty action-packed background for the episode. Stay tuned for that next month!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Episode Two is Here: Laura Veirs at a Tea Factory!

A few weeks back we pedaled right into the Steven Smith Teamaker factory in NW Portland for a chat with musician Laura Veirs. I've been a fan of Laura ever since one of my good pals called me a few years back and insisted that I listen to July Flame (her 2010 album). He was right - it was awesome - and I've been listening to her ever since. I chatted with Laura about her new children's album, Tumble Bee, prepping for a kid-friendly tour, and working 'virtually' with some awesome collaborators. And she even performed a song for us!

Check out some behind the scenes photos from our shoot here.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Craig Thompson @ The Keen Factory

Craig Thompson chatting with Boaz. Photo by Daniel Stark
After backing out of several dead-end roads, I finally arrived at the the Keen shoe factory only 30 minutes late. You see, it was a poor decision not to wear my huge geeky glasses on this day. I mean, I may have been hoping that by arriving without my glasses, Craig Thompson might be allured by the twinkle in my green eyes and be madly, artistically inspired to draw me, but this did not happen. In lieu of this magical situation taking place, my lack of usual survival eyewear (an adaptation for my near-sighted right eye and far-sighted left eye with astigmatism) led me to cursing at my GPS, crying only a little, and arriving on set in the knick-of-time.

Thank goodness for the yellow tape on the floor, creating an ambiguous path through dangerous shoe-making machinery! Hot and blind(ish), I found the door in which Craig Thompson would be entering and waited patiently to greet him. After chatting with the sweet front-desk lady and admiring some macro-shoemaking artwork in the main lobby, Craig finally arrived. He smelled lovely, dressed nicely, shook my hand in a friendly fashion, and I led him to the bike/desk/Boaz, where the interview would commence.

Shooting in the middle of the Keen factory. Photo by Daniel Stark
It was crazy producing an interview in a factory setting, as we got to experience the extra challenge of assuring clear sound in the conversation over the clings, clangs, bells, and whistles of Keen shoes being made in the background. The factory provided for an excellent backdrop, with shiny metal and busy workers painting the scene. My favorite part of the interview is when we challenged Craig to draw a picture in 10 minutes, and like wildfire, he created a brilliant and detailed masterpiece. This man is truly talented, to draw on-the-spot, an amazing picture from a unique perspective amidst loud machinery and cameras rolling.

Craig showing off his finished picture. Photo by Daniel Stark
Lucky for Craig and the Pedal Powered Talk Show crew, we got a top-secret, VIP tour of the Keen shoe factory after the interview concluded. What a cool opportunity to see how Keen shoes were made from start to finish, and how amazing all the details that go into it! And not only that, but we got to touch gooey, rubbery substances that resembled a very dark and toxic Silly Putty, machines that purposely “kick” while wearing the shoes, and machines that I wasn’t really sure what they did but thought they might be Decepticons so I made sure not to look at them the wrong way.

Getting the grand tour of the Keen factory. Photo by Daniel Stark

Then, Phil took off with the bike to meet us at our next exciting destination in SE Portland to shoot the next episode of the Pedal Powered Talk Show. It really doesn’t get more fun that that. It was great to meet such a well-known and admired graphic novelist (I mean, people get TATTOOS of his drawings!) and hear the awesome stories he had to tell.

‘Till next time,

Talia Filipek
Pedal Powered Talk Show Grunt

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Live @ 7: Behind the Scenes.

All of us at the Pedal Talk Show love the crew at Live @ 7 (especially Steph and Reggie) that's why it was such an honor to be there.

As always, I was lurking in the background snapping images from behind the scenes. It's fun getting different perspectives and giving context to what is really going on.

Here are a few my favs from that night. And if you missed us on there you can catch right here - http://www.pedaltalkshow.com/2012/01/ppts-on-live7.html


- Your Pedal Powered Photog

Boaz updating the twitter feed - https://twitter.com/pedaltalkshow

The most challenging part was getting the bike in the studio but with Phill's pedal powered skills we managed just fine.

Reggie getting serious and asking the tough questions ;-)

PPTS on Live@7!

We had a blast meeting up with our old pals at KGW on Tuesday for an interview on Live@7. Reggie, (subbing for Stephanie), even gave us the chance to offer a direct plea to our dream guests. And we did.

Zooey? Ann? Gonzo? Are you guys watching?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The First Episode is Live!

For our very episode of PPTS we pedaled up to the roof of the Hotel Deluxe for a chat with Daniel Baldwin. Our conversation covered a wide array of topics - from the movies he filmed in his backyard as a boy to his addictions to his upcoming documentary and the time he and Alec almost killed Billy. Check it out:

Monday, January 2, 2012


Did you catch us on KPTV this morning? Phil and I stopped by the Portland FOX affiliate (also the local home of Zooey Deschanel's show, New Girl) to chat about our upcoming launch.

Clearly, our quest for Zooey came up and I think they're hoping she comes up to Portland too. Now what are you waiting for? Log onto twitter, send a message to @ZooeyDeschanel and tell her you want to see her on the @PedalTalkShow.