Monday, January 14, 2013

Greetings from the pedal-powered center of the world!

I've been in Amsterdam for a few days now and there really are a lot of bikes here. The weather may be cold and rainy but it doesn't stop hundreds of thousands of people from hopping on their two-wheeled devices to get around town. And I've seen range of diverse bikes out here - especially a lot of cargo bikes - but I haven't seen anything resembling a pedal-powered talk show yet. Hopefully we can get our little contraption out here one of these days so we can show the Dutch how you conduct a television interview on a bicycle.


  1. That sounds exciting! I actually want to go biking on a cold, moist season where there's no sunlight to add up to the heat. Plus, since it's the "pedal-powered center of the world," I'm also excited to go around town with pedaling strangers. - Zara

  2. It's awesome out here, Zara! Come visit!

  3. That red bicycle looks perfect for Valentine’s Day. It should be larger though because couples won’t fit in.